Love & Boys

Love Is An Action - Love is an action. Standing up for one another. Stepping towards. Following the beating of your heart. Trusting.
Relationships Aren’t Fairy Tales, But Damn They’re Still Beautiful - Love is all the chaos, the frustration, the imperfect perfection of loving someone who’s just as weird as you.
21 Ways You’re Unconsciously Preventing Yourself Back From The Love You Deserve - You’re hesitant to trust others, so you change the subject when it gets too deep, even though you crave a deeper connection.
You’ll Never Find Mr. Right If You Keep Changing Yourself Because Of The Mr. Wrongs - You cannot decide to shift your ways because of the wrong one, because that leaves you empty and cold. You cannot become someone different because of the wrong one, because that only gives them power while weakening your own spirit.
11 Essential Tips To Surviving Your LDR (Long Distance Relationship) - When bae rings in on Facetime or Skype DON'T IGNORE THE CALL. Unless you're in church or talking to your dying grandma.
You Are Not The One For Me, But I’m Still Falling For You - If I’m being completely honest, am terrified of falling in love with you. You are not the perfect guy, in fact, you’re a damn mess. And I know this. But I still can’t get you out of my head.
The Truth About Why Our Middle School Crushes Are Haunting Us - Close your eyes for a second. Do you remember Brace Babe? The one who had absolutely no freaking clue how to kiss, whose braces cut the inside of your upper lip (how does that even happen??) and who slobbered, literally everywhere, so much that you had to stop and wipe your lips? Gross. So gross.
To The Boyfriend I Almost Moved In With - I think about you every morning. Every morning when I start my car and the sky is pitch black and the air is cold and harsh in my lungs. I wonder what you’re thinking.
This Is What I Learned From Loving You - With you, I learned that jealousy is obsolete when you fall for someone. And fall hard.
I Am Not A Hookup Girl - I don’t care if you want a Friends With Benefits, a hookup, a casual and open relationship. That’s great. That’s just not me.
You Don’t Have High Expectations, He Just Sucks - You are a low-maintenance girlfriend. Cook you dinner every so often, come to your important events, show you love in public, take you on some dates, give you some cuddles, and kiss you. That’s all you really need.
This Is What Happens When You And Bae Break Up - You have unexpected, mini-panic attacks. Oh my gawddddd….I have to buy my own drinks now?!
Cuffing Season Had Me Like - “Babe. Babe. Babeeee. Baaaabeeee. Babe. Baby!” “What?" “Love you.”
23 Things I Don’t Tell You Enough - 1. I like the way your hair looks. Sandy brown, sticking up in places, just long enough to pull into a pony tail.
75 Little Things That Will Make Your Girlfriend Smile - A Hershey’s kiss in her closet, next to the shirts, where you know she’ll see it.
You Should Really Date the Bad Boy - Okay ladies, it’s high time we admitted it. We like a challenge.
Don’t Settle For the Nice Guy - Don’t settle for the nice guy. For the guy who buys you a shiny necklace at Christmas time and wraps it in a box with a big red bow. For the guy who gives you the last sour cream and onion chips from his lunch. For the guy who sends you page-long good morning texts.
It’s Not You, It’s Me…Or Maybe It’s Not - Originally posted on Word & Sole:
It’s not you, it’s me. I think, as I watch the wind blow slits of sunlight through the big pine tree in my backyard. You love me in all…
An Open Letter to the Boy Who Was Never Really Yours - Is it strange that I think of you sometimes? Miss what we had, though we didn’t really have anything, did we?
I Refuse to Believe All Males are Scumbags - I had a conversation with someone the other day. It went a little like this: “No, you just don’t get it Marisa, all guys want is sex.”