You Are Not The One For Me, But I’m Still Falling For You

If I’m being completely honest, am terrified of falling in love with you.

You are not the perfect guy, in fact, you’re a damn mess. And I know this. But I still can’t get you out of my head.

You are that ‘bad boy’ persona, you know, the type I always trip over. You have it all together on the outside, but I know there’s a weaker, gentler inside and I can’t help but want to peel back those layers, see the real you.

But I know I shouldn’t. Continue reading “You Are Not The One For Me, But I’m Still Falling For You”


I Fell In Love With Your Family

It wasn’t just you that I fell in love with; I also fell in love with your family.

It was your family who accepted me into your life, who made me realize I had found a good one. It was your family who made me laugh, who made me feel comfortable when I first walked into your house as a stranger. It was your family who told me stories about you, like when you were seven, high on Pixie Stix, and destroyed your step mother’s decorative pillows. Continue reading “I Fell In Love With Your Family”

This Is What I Learned From Loving You

You were the one who cradled me the night of my sister’s car accident, when I melted like a puddle from the driver’s seat into your arms.

You were the one that kissed my cheek the day of my graduation, who stood next to me as I took shots and pictures and laughed and cried. And you were the one who tucked me in to sleep at night. Continue reading “This Is What I Learned From Loving You”