I Have A Million Things To Do, So I’m Going To Get Drunk Instead

Ahhh…classic. Here I am sitting on the couch with my To-Do List, the one with the mustard stain in the corner and the bottom half nibbled by my roommate’s puppy. Classy, right?

The list is on a loose sheet of notebook paper, words in purple ink that bleeds through. It’s about twenty or so things, all in my on-the-fly chicken scratch handwriting. And on the back is an assortment of Post-It notes: pink, yellow, and orange in various sizes. ‘Upload that video,’ ‘download ‘Hello’ by Adele,’ ‘call the Dr.’s office,’ ‘p/u package.’

Ask me what I’m talking about on half of them and I couldn’t tell you. But they’re on my list. So that means they’ll get done. Eventually.

Right now I’m going to get drunk. Me, myself, and my cheap plastic wine glass with the ribbon from one of my best friend’s dinner parties almost a year and a half ago. And a bottle of Moscato.

Now you ask any of my friends and they’ll tell you I’m the responsible one. I’m the one who will have everything turned in on time, everything ready to go (though I’m notoriously late to social events…don’t ask me why or how that happens), and my sh*t always together (or at least looking like it’s together). Continue reading “I Have A Million Things To Do, So I’m Going To Get Drunk Instead”