So What If You’re Not A Sorority Girl

I’ve never been a sorority girl. (But I’ll be the first to admit I know nothing about sororities, other than they take a lot of pictures in matching outfits…) Regardless, I went to a (small!) college without Greek life. And you know what?

I turned out just fine.

Greek life isn’t everything. Maybe it’s wonderful finding your life-long friends, having a big sis and a little sis, and always having events happening. If that’s you—by all means, go for it! I’m not judging.

But for those who aren’t the sorority girl, or don’t have any idea what I’m talking about…
you’re okay.

Because there’s more to college than Greek life.
And you have four years to discover it all.



Photo Credit: Elijah Carter.


25 Things Only People Who Went To A College With Under 1,000 Students Will Understand

1. Going to the grocery store in your bummy sweatpants and seeing at least three of your teachers.
2. Taco Tuesdays. Breakfast for Dinner Thursdays. And every other scheduled meal in your campus cafeteria.
3. Student mailbox numbers.
4. The sign above the library printer: “Printer is broken. Please go to the Campus Center.”
5. Recognizing faces of (or knowing intimate details about) everyone on campus.
6. Campus-wide gossip via Snapchat when someone new transfers in or visits for the weekend.
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