You Should Really Date the Bad Boy

As published on Thought Catalog.

Okay ladies, it’s high time we admitted it. We like a challenge. We like a guy who makes us think, who keeps us on our feet, who is going to tell us when we’re dead wrong about something, who’s going to makes us reconsider our strongest perspectives and fight fiercely with us. We want someone who doesn’t always toe the line, but someone who thinks outside the norm. We want someone who’s made mistakes and learned from them. We want someone with an opinion. A backbone. A fearless attitude. Confidence. And a pinch of cockiness, because that’s just sexy. Continue reading “You Should Really Date the Bad Boy”


Don’t Settle For the Nice Guy

As published on Thought Catalog.

Don’t settle for the nice guy. For the guy who buys you a shiny necklace at Christmas time and wraps it in a box with a big red bow. For the guy who gives you the last sour cream and onion chips from his lunch. For the guy who sends you page-long good morning texts. Continue reading “Don’t Settle For the Nice Guy”

It’s Not You, It’s Me…Or Maybe It’s Not

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Word & Sole

It’s not you, it’s me. I think, as I watch the wind blow slits of sunlight through the big pine tree in my backyard. You love me in all the right ways: the hand-holding, the forehead kisses, the tenderness, the love that fills me. But you suck at all the other boy things, like taking me on dates or cleaning your room.

But it’s not you, it’s me. It’s the way I can’t stop wishing for things I don’t have, the way my life feels like an open road or a blank canvas and I’m the only one with shoes, with a pen. It’s not the way you make me laugh, it’s the way I want to spend every minute discovering what makes me laugh. It’s not the way you make me smile, it’s how I want to learn what else makes me smile, learn what the world has to…

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