You Are the Moon

You are chasing the wrong things. I want to say this to the girl sitting next to me, but the words dissolve on my tongue. This girl, this beautiful girl, has dark brown hair that falls around her face, tanned skin, and a knitted scarf intertwined around her neck. Her eyes are glowing in the moonlight that peeks through the glass window next to us. But those eyes are low and sad tonight. She is telling me of her pain—boys and friendship—the boys she is unsure of pursuing, the girl who’s made her feel insecure, the party she’s thinking of attending later tonight. I want to tell her that these things are unimportant, passing. That these boys who want her to come over and watch movies aren’t looking for relationships, that the bitter friends are only jealous of who she is and what she’s accomplished so far. Continue reading “You Are the Moon”