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Relationships Aren’t Fairy Tales, But Damn They’re Still Beautiful

‘Love is a fairy tale.’ How many times have you heard that line? How many stories have you read, movies have you seen where love is this grand and perfect bond where two people never fight, where the glass slipper fits, where everything ends up happily ever after?

Yeah right. Continue reading “Relationships Aren’t Fairy Tales, But Damn They’re Still Beautiful”

This Is How An Athlete Will Love You Differently

1. We won’t tolerate your extreme laziness.

Sure, we’ll bum it out with you on our off days, but if your daily plan is to sleep until three and eat leftovers, we’re not into it. Get up or get out.

2. We are passionate as hell.

The game has taught us this. From hours of practice to day after day in the gym, we’ve learned that when you love something (or someone), you give 110%.

3. We’re used to tough love.

We’re used to coaches and parents ripping us new ones. And we’re our own worst critics. Tough love has helped us get our sh*t together and made us successful. But it can sometimes hinder our relationships.

4. We will push you to be the best version of yourself.

For years we’ve set goals and worked our a$$es off to reach them. We’ve had hard days, sore days, sad days, and almost-give-up days, but we’ve pushed through. And we love you, so we’ll push you, too. Continue reading “This Is How An Athlete Will Love You Differently”

10 Of The (Annoying AF) Questions You Get When You Live In Your College Town Post Graduation

1. “You’re still here?”

Yes. I’m still here. Alive. Breathing. Working. Being productive.

2. “Wait, what are you doing here?”

I have a job…blah blah. (They’ve stopped listening.)

3. “So what year are you again?”

Ah, what a gem of a question. (Especially if you’re like me, and look like a high schooler.) No, um, I actually was a senior last year. No. No, I’m not kidding. Continue reading “10 Of The (Annoying AF) Questions You Get When You Live In Your College Town Post Graduation”