50 Thoughts Every Female Has Before Going Out On A Friday Night

1. Ugh…can I take a nap first?

2. I literally have nothing to wear.

3. Everything in my closet is uglyyyyy.

4. Maybe my roommate will let me borrow that one cute shirt.

5. Damn it! This blouse has a stain!!!!! NOW WHAT??

6. Can I just wear this same skirt I always wear?

7. When was the last time I wore this tank-top?

8. When do I have to be ready? Can I watch one more episode of New Girl?

9. Maybe I’ll just wear sweatpants.

10. Am I really trying to impress anyone tonight?

11. Okay, yeah, I am. I need to get my sh*t together.

12. Black pants or blue jeans? Skirt or shorts? Or dress?? Too many options!!

13. Eyeshadow or nah?

14. Do these shoes even MATCH?!?

15. Do my nailbeds suck?

16. OMG. Wait. Does it look like I’m trying too hard?

17. I wonder what bar we’re even going to…

18. What’s on my eyeball? Is that a mascara clump???

19. Ugh, do I have to put on makeup?

20. When are we pregaming?

21. I just want to be drunk already.

22. Heels or no heels?

23. Are heels going to make me too tall?

24. Are flats totally lame?

25. I wish I was shorter.

26. And cuter.

27. Is it better to be cute or sexy? Hhmm..

28. I wonder who’s all going out tonight…

29. Should I text the crush?

30. What should I say?

31. Okay, maybe not. I’ll look totally desperate.

32. But I really want to know…

33. I wonder if he likes heels.

34. Wait, what if I’m TALLER THAN HIM IN HEELS?!?

35. Okay, heels are a no-go.

36. What about a purse?

37. Ughhhhh I hate carrying purses around.

38. Okay what do I need…wallet, keys, ID, phone…


40. Sh*t my friends will be here in 15???!!!!!

41. I need a glass of wine.

42. And I need my best friend. She’ll know what I should wear.

43. Why isn’t she over here already??

44. Okay, I totally need to text her. Like right now.


46. I need to charge it. And eat food.

47. I wonder if I have any leftovers in the fridge…

48. Is it too late to order a pizza?

49. And I need wine. Lots of wine.

  1. Man, I’m so exhausted. I need a quick nap first.

This post was originally published on Thought Catalog.

Photo Credit: kaboompics



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