You Don’t Have High Expectations, He Just Sucks

You are a low-maintenance girlfriend. Cook you dinner every so often, come to your important events, show you love in public, take you on some dates, give you some cuddles, and kiss you. That’s all you really need.

No, you don’t need much to make you happy. Hold your hand, talk to you about his day, respect you, and claim you as his girlfriend (in front of his dudes, and especially in front of his mom). Those are the basic rules.

You don’t need him to text you all day. You don’t need ‘good morning babe’ right at 9AM, or steak dinners every night of the week, or all his free moments spent with you.

You don’t really demand much. Just that he treats you how you’re supposed to be treated.

But this is what you expect from him: You expect him to show love in your relationship. You expect him to plan and take you on dates sometimes. You expect him to remember when you have plans. You expect him to show that he cares. You expect him to talk to you. And you expect him to clean his room every once in a while so it’s actually habitable.

High expectations? No, you don’t have high expectations. You demand things, sure. Little things like returned phone calls, promises that are followed through, effort made. And you demand big things: commitment, loyalty, support. But these aren’t high expectations. They’re basic relationship expectations.

You don’t have high expectations. He just sucks.

He sucks for making you feel like you’re asking too much, like you’re this crazy girlfriend with a pitchfork to his neck, demanding that he buy you everything you request and spent every waking moment of his free time with you. That’s not you.

You are not crazy. We live in a world where females become crazy girlfriends for wanting their men to take them on dates. Not every night. Not every time you go out. Not lavish, fancy restaurants with four course meals. Just dates. He plans. He pays this time.

We live in a world where women are told they have high expectations because they ask their man to be on time, to have his sh*t together, to clean his room before you come over for goodness sake!

This is not asking too much. Don’t feel like you are. Find a guy who respects you, who treats you with love and kindness at home and in public, who makes you feel important. The guy you don’t have to ask to do these simple things because he already does and always did.

You are asking for simple things that you deserve. You are a low maintenance girl. And no, you don’t have these crazy-ridiculous high expectations. He just sucks.


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