This Is What Happens When You And Bae Break Up

1. You start crying at the dumbest freaking things. Like throwing out his toothbrush because you know he won’t be staying at your place anymore. Or finding that stupid black beanie he left in your car because how the hell are you going to return it without completely losing your sh*t?!

2. You freeze you’re a$$ off, like, all the time. No middle of the night snuggle-buddy body heat. No car warmed up before you leave for work. No extra fuzzy, extra big athletic socks to wear. Damn, you’ll miss those.

3. You have unexpected, mini-panic attacks. Oh my gawddddd….I have to buy my own drinks now?!

4. You actually start reading recipes and figuring out correct measurements. Before you were cooking for a small army and could just wing that ish. Not anymore. How many chicken breasts will you actually eat?? Are you going to have a ridiculous amount of leftovers?? Ahh, should you just go out to eat?!

5. You have these awkward spaces of time… and you’re like, okay, what do I do? So you start filling them with random things like painting, puzzles, or actually getting in an ab workout at the gym.

6. You actually start to sleep. Longer, more peacefully, and with blankets.

7. You fill the texting gap by hitting up your besties, sort of ridiculously. About random things, questions, giving them a play-by-play of the breakup, crying, laughing, sending them pics, planning a mini-vacation, etc. The texting is incessant, but it distracts you. And it does help you get closer.

8. You start actually eating healthy and at productive times of the day. Plus, you buy and cook those turkey meatballs you’ve been craving but your ex hated. Ahh, revenge never tasted so good.

9. You start noticing things to clean. Lord knows you haven’t actually vacuumed the rug in months. Now you suddenly have and motivation to get on your hands and knees and get out that Dr. Pepper stain by the couch. About freaking time.

10. You’re suddenly a social media addict. Tweeting at everyone, refreshing your Instagram to see if he’s liked your latest selfie…lowkey stalking his page.

11. You become a very deep, introspective person. Especially as you try to compose a Facebook status that clearly shows you’re moving on but isn’t too cocky. But not too pathetic either.

12. You actually begin to enjoy solo-time. Listening to your own music, singing in the shower, taking your sweet time at the gym, eating leftovers for three days straight, watching all the lame, girly realty TV shows. It’s not so bad.

This article has been adapted and published on Thought Catalog.


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