5 Things You Realize When You Wear Footie PJ’s In Public

  1. The world kinda sorta sucks sometimes.

    Duh. But when you wear something absolutely ridiculous, you realize how hateful people can be, simply with their eyes. Or facial expressions. Or totally obvious whispering that they don’t do a great job of hiding. Or open staring. Or blatant sh*t talking. It’s like they think you don’t see them…or that you didn’t know you wore a zebra striped onesie in public. Uh hello, yes I know I’m rockin’ this. Sorry your too-tight jeans and uncomfortable pointy-toed boots probably suck.

  1. You are wayyyy more tired than you think.

    When you’re in the softest, fuzziest, comfiest pair of footie pj’s, you realize how much you really need your bed. And how much you miss Kindergarten and nap time. It’s that gentle fabric on your arms and legs—pulls you straight into a daydream. You feel snuggly and warm all day. Yep, you’ll be heading home to nap real soon. And you need it.

  2. Not caring what you look like is extremely freeing.

    There’s something to be said about not having to care what you look like. And not having to adjust your outfit—sitting, standing—there’s no pulling the shirt down, straightening the blouse, or making sure you suck in the belly fat. You look good no matter what. So take a deep breath, kick back, and relax.

  3. Being a little kid was awesome.

    Remember the days when you wore what you wanted, napped during the day, went to bed early, and everyone thought you looked cute all the time? When you’re a twenty-something in pajamas, it’s just not the same. So hold onto and take advantage of those days while you can. And never let the little kid inside you die.

  4. It’s good to let go sometimes.

    It’s good to just stop worrying, thinking, overthinking, and obsessing over what you should wear, do, and be. Just shrug on something comfy, something ridiculous with black and white zig-zags and little ears on the feet. Wear something that makes you feel relaxed and happy and just live your freakin’ life. After all, does it really matter? People will stare, you’ll get some hardcore judging—that goes without saying. But the people who won’t associate with you because you’re rockin’ pj’s in public? Those are the people you just don’t need in your life.



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