Confessions of an Avid Heel-Wearer

There they are. The black and beige pair with the tiny hole at the front for your perfectly pedicured toenails. The zipper on the side to hold your foot at a perfect angle. The stiletto to give your calf that slender, yet muscular bulge.

These are the best-of-the-best, my ultimate favorite, bought-at-a-bargain price, super steal, I-look-hot heels. And even if they pinch the sides of my feet, even if they rub against my pinky toe, even if I might get a tiny blister on the side heel—they are worth every minute.

Why, as women, do we love heels so much? Because with a simple pair we are transformed. We’re not just women. Suddenly we’re bad a** b*tches with a purpose. We’re strong. We’re classy. We’re sophisticated. And we kick butt.


Confessions of an Avid Heel Wearer:

1. Sometimes I plan my outfit around my heels.
Yep, I’ll be honest. There’s a closet full of dresses and skirts (I tend to horde clothes…I’m not going to lie) but I can’t freaking decide. I’ll keep pulling things off the hanger and holding them up to my chin, feeling blah, then getting annoyed that I have to re-hang them and start the struggle all over again.

When I really can’t decide, I’ll turn to the shoes. What goes on your feet can make or break your outfit. And honestly, there’s nothing better than slipping into a fabulous heel. So when I’m feeling stuck, I’ll grab a pair and work my wardrobe around them. Easy peasy.


2. There’s always that one go-to pair.
We all have those ride-or-die heels. Mine’s the super tall, super black pair with the open toe and the wrap around your ankle. Whenever I put them on, I feel like a gladiator or something. Like a queen who could overthrow the world with a kick of her foot. So when I need a confidence boost, you better believe those babies are on my feet.


3. I’ll squeeze into the two-sizes-too-small heels because they look cute.
There are certain sacrifices to be made when you are a heel-wearing woman. That means beauty over pain sometimes (okay, maybe even a good amount of the time).

I have a shiny pair of black low-heels, with a button strap that crosses over the front like a childhood Mary Jane. Those are adorable. And I’ve worn them since the eighth grade. I’m not kidding. They’re two sizes too small, but my foot can squeeze into them, with just a little pressure on the pinky and big toe. Reasonable.

I keep them around because they’re just so dang cute! And sometimes when you find a good pair of heels, you just keep them until they self-destruct.


4. If you’re too short for me to wear heels with, we probably can’t date.
Ahh, the sad truth about heel-wearing women. If your man’s too short to wear heels with, there’s a good chance it isn’t going to work.

I have to date a man who will still stand at least a few inches above me, even with my tallest stilettos. There’s something about reaching down to kiss a guy that just doesn’t work for me. There’s something incredibly normal, and sexy about my man bending down to kiss me.


5. There is a pair of heels I like to call the ‘boyfriend heels’.
The boyfriend heels are the pair that you can’t really walk in, but they look super cute. So you grab your significant other’s arm, and he guides your boss-b*tch walk. (Yes, you can still be a kick butt woman with a man on your arm). He’ll be your partner in crime.


6. There’s a pair for wearing in the ice. And there’s a pair you never, under any circumstances, wear when it’s snowy out.
My closet has the open-toe heels, the extra high heels, the teacher-heels, the conservative heels, the fancy-schmancy heels, the wear-this-in-any-weather-heels, and the no-snow heels.

The no-snow heels, those are the ones you have to worry about in the winter months. These are the ones with the no-grip heel. The heels that are looks over durability. No matter how perfectly they match with your tights and cocktail dress, don’t. I repeat. Don’t. It’s much better to wear the less-than-great heels than be a flopping fish on the ice. Trust me, I learned the hard way.

Republished on Thought Catalog: Confession: I’m Obsessed with High Heels And Here’s Why



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